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Not only is online bingo a fun, enjoyable, and relaxing form of gaming, but it is also a game that is played by children, adults, and grandparents alike, in a variety of different settings. It is played by the grandparents in the bingo hall and is also used as an educational tool to teach children to do arithmetic. We have reviewed the best online bingo casinos and have put together a guide here to help you find the best bingo deals on the internet.

One of the first known online bingo games to hit the market in 1996 was a free bingo game called Bingo Zone. In order to play, members had to provide demographic information and in return, members would receive targeted advertisements based on the demographic information provided. Another early pioneer of free online bingo was Uproar, which launched Bingo Blitz in 1998. In the meantime online bingo is a million dollar business with numerous large providers.

Bingo has a very special character and is legally different from other games of chance in many jurisdictions. In England, for example, Section 65 of the 1928 Royal Commission Report on Gambling states: “Bingo is considered a lottery game”. The report describes that bingo as a game of chance can be distinguished from casino games and even requires separate licensing.