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Correct Five – Bingo! The number matrix consisting of 5 x 5 number fields has been very popular for many years. The total of 22 bingo numbers are presented every week in the show of the same name on NDR television.

In addition to the jackpot, which this Sunday is 2,100,000 euros, there are also numerous prizes and other cash prizes within the show. You can find out how you can watch the bingo show live on television, which bingo numbers you need this week for a single bingo, double bingo or triple bingo and what the serial and ticket numbers are for the bingo super chance here.

Bingo draw: 4 5 8 11 12 15 20 22 25 26 27 33 34 36 37 38 44 45 61 63 65 74

With the serial and ticket numbers you will receive one of the open phone wall prizes from the bingo broadcast. As soon as known, we will list them here:

The bingo ticket is used to play. A so-called bingo matrix is ​​shown on this, a field consisting of 5 x 5 numbers. These consist of a random circle of numbers from 1-75, you can see the numbers directly on your game receipt after purchase. The 22 winning numbers are presented live on television and can be followed from the comfort of your home. The aim of the game is to get five hits in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row.